Day 1 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge: Who Am I?


Welcome to Day 1 of the challenge!  The question of “Who am I?” is a big one that has been contemplated for centuries, and of course, is one of the foundations of philosophical, psychological, political and religious thought.  In order to know anything, it seems that you must first know who you are.  All of what we know in this human form is based on our perception.  We’ve come to think of self-love as an act of nurturing, caring, protecting, or expressing ourselves authentically.  But who is this being with whom we are identifying and why is it so hard to remember who we are?

That's what we will be exploring in today's guidance.  Below, I've outlined some objectives to help define an aim for our work, I've created an Action Plan to guide you, and I did a little write up to help inspire your thinking.  I've also included a meditation to guide you in the journey.

Remember to take from my offerings what feels good for you and feel free to discard the rest. Enjoy your day and blessed be.

Big hug,

Crystal Lynn

Day 1 Objectives:
  1. To see ourselves more purely.  To see ourselves beyond the ego.
  2. To acknowledge and voice what we desire.
  3. To affirm what we have by giving and sharing.
Action List

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