Flashes of Light! Shadow Work and Meditation


Doing Shadow Work is like giving yourself eyes that see in the dark. Shadow Work illuminates the dark parts of your mind so that you can see where you need healing. The thing is, you still have the option to resist the healing! I was resisting what I saw in the dark! Well, not intentionally. Part of our life is about walking the path of enlightenment… Not just doing an exercise and becoming instantly and permanently enlightened. It’s a dance. You get the AHA moment and experience enlightenment and it’s all clear… And then you gotta go take what you learned back into the world. If you go back into the world and lose your enlightened perspective, you gotta work to find it again!

I’ll tell you one thing that’s for sure… A regular meditation practice helps a LOT. Waking up and spending time with yourself…. Doing it before going to bed… That keeps you cool.

Shadow Work is here to serve you.  Meditation, too!

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