Running in France… a JoyFULL Experience

I could run forever here in Haute Normandie. It is beautiful and peaceful with clean, crisp air. The roads are mostly quiet. I could go off-road, but it feels nice to run on the tar. Too much mud for my thin-soled shoes. I’ve been running and exploring the villages that are around me. So far, I’ve run Criquetot sur Longeville, Turretot, Anglesqueville l’Esneval and Gonneville sur Malet. Lovely and quaint towns with quiet roads between them. Cows, horses, goat, sheep, chickens and the occasional shaggy dog greet me as I pass. If you had asked me a few years back if I’d like to live in the country, I’d have thought no way. But today, the answer is a resounding yes, without a doubt. I’ll take the peace and tranquility of the earth and sky over the art, beauty and culture of even Paris. YES, even Paris takes a back seat to Mother Nature. I hope you get a chance to run or walk or explore heaven on earth in your own back yard… whatever form it takes for you– concrete, jungle or desert. Follow your heart and let it show you the world through its eyes.
Big hug,

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