Say YES to Abundance: $1,000,000 to spend every day

[slideshow_deploy id=’6969′] Here’s a little slideshow of the purchases I made on this beautiful day of eye-opening consciousness shifting.

This is one of my tricks for keeping my heart open to love, abundance, prosperity, opportunity, and angelic presences: I have a million dollars in my pockets that I get to spend every day. This means that I get to say “Yes!” to my desire VERY often… all the time. When fear comes in, I have learned to handle it, not obey it. Fear does not drive this train!

Christian Louboutin shoes, make up and nail color, a fabulous Marc Jacobs purse and, of course, Balenciaga lunettes. OH! And there’s a photo of me saying yes to the Universe… and my consort.

I made this video at the River Seine and really enjoyed every moment of it! Hahahaha!


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