Venus in Gemini July 5th – July 31st: Your Beautiful, Sexy Mind

Taurus and Gemini are really different signs, particularly when it comes to love, sex, and money—all Venus sectors. Taurus is an Earth sign and very much about the body, and so it was easy to feel and intuit our way through the world of finances, relationships and especially intercourse (if you were lucky enough to be having it.) As Venus moves into Gemini, we are moving upward into the realm of our heads. Gemini is an Air sign and is sexy because of its wit. It is ruled by Mercury– speed, communication, and enterprise. Gemini is expansive and curious. When the planet of love and beauty moves into Gemini, our interactions become beautiful at the level of the mind. Our flirtations become less about eye-gazing and more about playful head-butting. You can tell a Gemini man likes you by the number of insults and challenges he throws your way. With Venus in Gemini, our sex-appeal comes from the proper use of mind: PLAYFUL FLIRTATION!

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