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This client has asked for privacy, so their name and occupation have been withheld.

“Crystal Lynn Bell is the catalyst that I needed to find my life’s purpose. I came to her at a time in my life when I was fumbling blind-sighted through life. Her approach of counseling was thought provoking and propelled me to reflect and ponder deeply. I started shedding layers of wounding and masks that I was wearing and eventually found my authentic self.

Crystal Lynn has been the reason that my husband and I have the best relationship now after 21 years of marriage and almost 27 years of being together. We are both authentic to ourselves, and in turn have discovered new facets of each other that we find fascinating and inspiring. We have in fact fallen in love again after all this time together. It has been hard work with most rewarding outcome. Now that we both are on the quest to life, our lives to their fullest potential both individually and as a couple, Crystal Lynn’s guidance is imperative in gently nudging our compass in the right direction, through self discovery. My husband too went through his own process. Here is his experience with Crystal Lynn in his words ..

“We are growing from the day we are born but once in our lifetime there comes a time where emotional, personal and spiritual growth is catapulted by an event. That event for me has been my sessions with Crystal Lynn. Relatable, tough and brutally honest, she makes you question your life in the most positive way. The most amazing personal transformation in my 45 years of living!”


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