I am so glad you're visiting my Badass Butterfly Coaching page.  My name is Crystal Lynn Bell.  I am a Spiritual Life Coach and I am here to awaken you to your personal power by helping you identify and transform your disempowering thoughts, negative feelings and limiting beliefs.

With practical techniques, I help you metamorphose from earthbound caterpillar to Badass Butterfly.

It is my job to help you jailbreak your heart from the prison of your mind!


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Your Heart is Badass

It is my belief that the human heart is the source of infinite creativity.  While the brain is undeniably a powerful processor of information, its power to create reality pales in comparison to the electromagnetic power and the natural wisdom of the heartThe heart is the first organ to develop in an embryo but it is not merely the fuel pump of the body.  The heart has power that extends beyond the physical.  Science has learned that the heart’s magnetism is 5000 times stronger than the brain's and the heart amplifies its electrical charge at more than 60 times that of the brain.
Beloved Butterfly, to THRIVE your life, you need your heart open.
Let's look at these three major blockages to Butterfly Badassery...
  1.  Limiting Beliefs
  2.  Negative Thinking
  3. Disempowered Feelings

Understandably, most folks are not enjoying the tremendous potential contained in their hearts.  They don't live their dreams.  Feelings of doubt, shame and fear paralyze them and prevent them from receiving all that the Universe wants to send their way. I have found that at their core, these people feel unworthy of the great beauty and success that the Universe is offering.  Unworthiness is a powerful energy that injects itself everywhere in their lives.  At home, in their relationships, in their physical bodies, at their work...Most people are stuck in a prison of unworthiness and it creates an illusion of limitation within themselves and this gets mirrored in the world around them.

There are three important things that must change in order to jailbreak your heart from the prison of unworthiness:  limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and disempowered feelings.  Keep reading below to learn more...

Limiting Beliefs

The beliefs that structure our mind are also structuring our three-dimensional reality.  Beliefs that we are somehow unworthy-- that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough... These beliefs, whether we are conscious of them or not, are driving what we experience and manifest in the world.  Beliefs that deny our Divinity and separate us from prosperity, excellent health, joy and passion, will not let our hearts call into us our most powerful desires.  These beliefs do not let us recognize the abundance of resources around us.  They do not let us believe that our inner light is strong enough to overcome perceived material circumstances.  Beliefs create an illusion of insufficiency, inadequacy and unworthiness in ourselves and this gets reflected in the world around us.  This is the caterpillar issue we must transform if we want to become Badass Butterflies.

Negative Thoughts

From limiting beliefs come negative thoughts.  These negative thoughts along with the  limiting beliefs that drive them shape our attitudes and they paint the outside world to look exactly like how we feel.  In my soon to be released book entitled, Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon, I dive deep into the 12 vicious prison guards that are keeping your heart in the prison of your mind.  These vicious prison guards drive your negative thinking and they keep you feeling small and disempowered.  The key is to recognize that they are liars and to tackle them head-on.  My book goes into this deeply and gives you an entire program to help you Jailbreak Your Heart!

Disempowered Feelings

How can you feel anything but glum inside when you believe you are limited and your mind keeps repeating and showing you evidence of you limitation in the world around you?  Disempowered feelings come from looking around and seeing the outpicturing of your thoughts in the material world.  The world becomes a mirror of your feelings such as grief, mistrust, anger and resentment.  This is the age of the  Law of Attraction.  By this law, what happens inside of us must be reflected in the outside world, and it is perfectly logical that your mind would search for things that it believes, thinks and feels.  So you attract what you believe, think and feel.  The thing is, it's not so easy to simply change what you believe, think and feel.  You have to do some work around these things in order to change them organically and authentically.  Now, I do not believe in putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.  I believe in treating emotionally wounding with effective treatments that CURE them.   The cure for emotional wounding is Unconditional Love.  This is not earthly love that ends in divorce and break-ups.  This is not romance.  It is even stronger and more powerful than motherly love.  And it goes waaaaaay beyond brotherly love.  I'm not knocking these!  Hahaha!  I'm just saying that Unconditional Love is beyond category.  It is the power to transform.  And that's what is at the heart of all our work in Badass Butterfly Coaching.

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Book a complimentary Badass Butterfly Coaching Discovery Session and learn how I can help you transform limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and disempowered feelings.  Butterfly Badassery is just a call away...

What is Badass Butterfly Coaching?

Transform from Caterpillar to Badass Butterfly

When you are suffering from the effects of limiting beliefs, negative thinking and disempowered feelings, you are in the caterpillar stage of development.  This is not a bad thing!  It is simply a sign that it is time for you to move to the next stage of your evolution.

In Badass Butterfly Coaching we take you through the transformation process with three badass tools which will show you your limiting beliefs, stop your negative thinking and transform your disempowered feelings.  These Badass Tools are Shadow Work, Healing and Light Work.


Shadow Work

Shadow work is a conscious, analytical exploration of your dark self, known as your Shadow.  It is a conscious dive into the negative experiences you've had in the past so that we can shed light on the root cause of your pain. Shadow Work will have you look at your past life experiences with an aim to heal what is active and triggering you in the present.  Your conscious mind loves this Shadow Work process because it helps you feel like you have control of the situation.  This is important because many people don't heal because they don't like to feel out of control.  They want to know exactly what is happening.  The Shadow Work part of Badass Butterfly Coaching is very tangible, practical and thoughtful.  I've designed it this way because the conscious mind doesn't always like to let you feel your pain, but it doesn't mind thinking your pain.  My Shadow Work processes go deep into your psyche to uncover its painful mysteries, but it usually feels very safe for people to do.  It is not a woo-woo, otherworldly experience, so it's easy for people to grasp.


When we find the root causes of your pain with Shadow Work, we apply healing strategies that will help you release the limiting beliefs, transform your negative thinking and literally dissolve your disempowered feelings. Healing comes in many different forms for us and it works with all four of your human dimensions:  your body, your mind, your emotions and your Spirit (energy.) Sometimes I facilitate your healing through your energy field and sometimes you will. I am always teaching you how to heal yourself because Badass Butterflies are their own source of healing.  All the tools, resources and magic rests inside of you already.  My job as your Badass Butterfly Coach is to help you access what's already inside.  Unconditional Love is the force that drives all of the Badass Butterfly Healing techniques.  The more you learn about Unconditional Love and the more you practice it, the more healing you receive and the more healing you spread to the world around you.

Light Work

It's important to feed yourself proper nutrition every single day.  Likewise, it is important to consciously feed your mind and your Soul every single day.  Energetically, we have momentum that follows our most predominant thoughts, our focus, our feelings and our choice of behaviors.  So with Badass Butterfly Coaching we find natural paths of Light that you can practice every day to raise your vibration and help you build momentum toward your greatest dreams.

In the Shadow Work module, you spend time observing your inner processes to discover where you are stuck, have limiting beliefs and thought patterns and emotional blockages that cause you to suffer.  By doing Shadow Work and Healing, you will discover that there are parts of yourself that are creative, bold and visionary in ways that you never knew before.  OMG!  You are SO BIG AND BADASS, Beloved!  So MAGNIFICENT!  With Light Work you will begin feeding yourself the energetic nutrition that supports your Light.  This is where you focus on uniting your mind and your emotions so that you can take the inspired action in the world that leads to manifesting your heart's greatest desires.

All of the techniques you learn in Badass Butterfly Coaching will free your heart from the prison of your mind.  You will learn to turn up the volume of your intuition and make choices from your inner navigation system.  You will also bring in new belief systems that empower you and support you as your dreams unfold in your beautiful, Badass world.

I want to invite you to set-up a complimentary consultation with me to discuss your specific issues so that you and I can determine if this program will actually benefit you.  I want you to join me in the healing journey with trust, enthusiasm and a hopeful outlook.  In order for you to get there, you need to know that you can trust me and my guidance.  This complimentary appointment will give us a chance to meet and you can FEEL if working with me is a good fit.  This also gives me an opportunity to discern if working with you is in alignment with my own Spirit.  In order to to give you my best, I must KNOW that I can deliver what you need.

If you are aware of the price you're paying by staying in the prison of your mind and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then let's get started!  This life-changing program is meant to take you from frustrated and stuck to living the life of the Badass Butterfly-- abundant joy, emotional freedom, passion, optimism and the ability to manifest your heart's desires.

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Book a complimentary Badass Butterfly Coaching Discovery Session and learn how I can help you transform limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and disempowered feelings.  Butterfly Badassery is just a call away...

A video about Shadow Work, Healing and Lightwork... Postcards from Paris


Accolades & Praise for the Badass Butterfly Approach...

The experience has been incredibly deep and enlightening. I've had 8 therapists in my life over the course of 20+ years and I don't think I've ever learned more about myself or felt more resolved. Crystal is present with me as her client, on top of my unconscious resistance, and overall incredible at helping me evolve past my small mind-made self…Crystal is such a blessing and I absolutely love working with her! ~ East Coast, USA 

"Crystal is a catalyst for growth in her own right! Catalysts attract catalysts." ~From West Coast, USA

"I am very blessed to have you in my life. All my life I've been made to feel dirty and bad for having my thoughts, feeling and actions.  I've always been made to feel awkward and guilty about my feelings/actions. You are a safe haven for my inner self and I am grateful for  that." ~West Coast, USA

"Thank you for our session yesterday. It was helpful to me that you not only take on the role of a tarot interpreter but a spiritual councelor as well. You're very talented at painting ideas with words and you listen just as much as you give good advice and those qualities of yours helped me to feel comfy and get the most out of our time." ~West Coast, USA

"I really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. I listened back to the recorder a little after yesterday and it was interesting to hear myself sound so confused. In some way, I knew or have felt but I couldn't put into words where you can understand and if I was unable to explain my feelings clearly to others, it also shows i wasn't entirely sure with how or why I was confused with my feelings and thoughts...You are so gifted Crystal Lynn. Not only do you make people feel comfortable, you really try to help each individual. I hope I wasn't an emotional burden on you Hahha. But you gave me a sense of peace within myself and I can't thank you enough. Even this email reaching out means so much and really think you are quite an unique individual." ~West Coast, USA

"Hi beautiful Miss Crystal Lynn!!
 The other night was AMAZING!! ...& yes, some "coincidences" have occurred! … he showed up the way I deserve & I believe it has to do with shifting the energy with my inner child & I thank you! ... I'm so excited!!! XXXXX Thank you!!! 

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