Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club

Welcome to the Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club.  I call this ‘Moonlight’ book club because my personal transformation follows the course of the Moon and I consider her to be my very own personal Spirit Guide (and yours, too, of course!)  The books we will read in the club are meant to inspire transformation and awakening at the level of our Soul so that we can thrive in the material world.

Each month, I choose an easy but powerful book for us to study as a collective. Participating is easy.

Step 1:  Sign up to register your participation. This will keep you in the loop and make sure you get updates.

Step 2:  Check out the Book Selection page to see what we are currently reading.

Step 3:  Join the Emotional Wellness Facebook community.  We’ll be sharing our progress through the reading and exercises in that group. Over the course of the month, we’ll work at our own individual paces, but we have our online Emotional Wellness community where we can share our progress for help and collaboration.

Step 4:  Get to work!  Read the book and do the exercises.  Share your progress in our Emotional Wellness community.  Tell your story, make some friends, and enjoy the camaraderie.

Step 5:  Join the LIVE discussion.  We’ll meet as a group once a month to discuss the book and the work we’ve done on it. You can access the LIVE meeting with video or by phone.  If you cannot attend the LIVE group meeting, don’t worry.  It will be recorded and available for you to watch on your own.  You can also submit your input and perspectives ahead of time if you want to have them included in the dialogue.

To participate in the club, just join the club with the button below and you’ll be automatically registered to attend the LIVE group meeting.  Again, don’t worry if you cannot attend LIVE because you’ll be sent a replay so that you can watch later if you want.  Signing up here will make sure you will always be sent the reading selection for each month.

To get the most out of the group, you should join my Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment community on Facebook as we’ll be having discussions and sharing our progress there.  Your participation in the book club and Facebook community are totally free of charge— just come with a willingness to learn and share.

So join the Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club and check your email for updates.

Join the Club!