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Stop Excessive Thinking with Eckhart Tolle

By Crystal Lynn | December 26, 2013

In the past, my mind has raced at a pace that has caused my hair to fall out.  Literally.  Alopecia areata.  That’s not the topic for my post today.  No, today, I just want to share a video that has helped me calm my mind and find a little peace.  I read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth a few years ago and they helped me begin to understand that the mind is not who I am, but rather an aspect of my vessel that is…

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Christmas is my Go-To Day

By Crystal Lynn | December 25, 2013

For whatever reason, I love beginning new rituals and practices on Christmas Day.  I don’t know why, but on Christmas, I love to get up early, meditate, pray, have a great meal and go the extra mile on my regular routine and start new routines that have been vying for my attention. Last year, I got up early and went on a long run to bring in my favorite holiday.  My route was not my norm and I headed up Atlantic Avenue into North Long Beach.  As I crossed over…

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Happy Body

By Crystal Lynn | December 5, 2013

Greetings Ladies– requesting warm bright happy healing thoughts. Thanks~R 🙂

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SILENCE! Miracle

By Crystal Lynn | November 15, 2013

I have another place where I need a miracle, Friends.  That’s in my mind.  Well, all miracles take place at the level of the mind.  But I mean something specific.  UGH!  I’m still a fucking workaholic.  Seriously.  This is so grave.  I love working.  I thrive on it.  AND I don’t know how to stop.  I just took a little break and glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror and I have deep dark circles beneath my eyes.  My face is drawn.  I look like shit because I’ve not been…

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Uterine Fibroids Miracle

By Crystal Lynn | November 12, 2013

Thank you for holding space for my miracle.  I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids when I was 23 years old.  I had surgery to remove them when I was 28.  They took out seven pounds of tumors. Two month after surgery, I was anemic and I noticed that the swelling, pain and heavy cycle began again.  They were back.  So seven years later, I had another surgery to remove the tumors.  They removed 21 tumors.  The largest the size of a grapefruit and the smallest  about the size of a…

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The Torch Bearer

By Crystal Lynn | November 12, 2013

When you’re witnessing the end of a life, your trust of Source can be called into question. All those beliefs and ideas about what happens after we die are determining factors of our actions and behaviors in the present. As I sit here supporting my mother in her transition to her Light Body, I realize that I truly trust Source.  I know that angels, ascended masters, devas and elementals exist.  I believe in fairies, goddesses, and Santa Claus.  But right now, I want to look at this trust more closely…

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The Author’s Haiku

By Crystal Lynn | November 8, 2013

The right words pour down in waves from heaven above telling my story

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Listen To Your Heart

By Crystal Lynn | November 4, 2013

I had a phenomenal talk with my Higher Self this morning. She lead me to some profound understandings about all sorts of things: romantic partners, sexuality, abundance, flight, healing and writing. I am so grateful to have surrendered to the Goddess– to have surrendered to mySelf. Being away from the story and allowing myself to ease into the peace and serenity of Gaia was the perfect decision. Please, my Sisters and Brothers, listen to your heart and follow its directives. God/Source/Goddess would never steer you wrong– ever. Do not be…

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A Dream of My Father

By Crystal Lynn | October 28, 2013

This morning I awoke with a start.  Shoes were pounding on the stairs outside and the sound of the rain became louder and more pronounced. Boots on the doorstep of my grandmother’s house.  Thick with mud, but solid in the rain.  The day so gray and divine. The time of day is not important. What is important are the boots.  Thick and husky. So solid in the rain. The boots of my father– his story; his ambitions; his drives.  So protective. But of what?  Himself?  His soul?  His heart. Protected…

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The Clench

By Crystal Lynn | June 6, 2013

I am committed to expressing the Truth of my experience here and for the last few days, I have been wrecked.  So I am going to share it because this is a key aspect of my own personal healing and a stepping stone along the path of Self Realization. I spend my days in peace and solitude.  I have a beautiful business with a remarkably loving staff and a loyal and generous clientele.  I do not have a lot about which I complain because I’m a trusting soul who has…

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