Should You Be a Healer or Spiritual Life Coach?
Oct 27 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This photo (which I turned into a painting using some app) was taken of me in doing my work at a gorgeous cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I stayed in Siem Reap for three months exploring ancient temples, learning about Cambodian culture, and of course, seeing my clients!

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Have you been thinking about how you can serve people in need using your natural compassion and the great wisdom you’ve learned from all your personal experience?  Are you naturally drawn to spirituality, emotional wellness, and personal empowerment?  Do you have the qualities of compassion, empathy, and the ability to create solutions from problems?  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Life Coach or Healer?

If this is sounding like you then I joyfully invite you to have a discussion with me about the healing and coaching professions.  It is an awesome gig and I am absolutely delighted to share my experience and to help you discover if this is the right profession for you.

★ Meetings held on the 4th Saturdays of the month.  JOIN ANY OR ALL of the following Saturdays:  September 22nd, October 27th, November 24th, December 22nd at 5pm Central European Summer Time. (Click the link to see the time in your area)  Free to join! 

I became certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and then I built my business from the ground up.  I made lots of mistakes and have now created a thriving business that gives me endless joy, pleasure and deep satisfaction.  I have a firm belief that we need more people helping people in this fast-paced world and most importantly, I believe that we all have our own unique way of being and that the Law of Attraction will always bring us the people we need to serve (and who will serve us the lessons we need along the way!)

Currently, my schedule is full of clients with whom I DESIRE to work.  I have a lifestyle that I have chosen, living in Europe by my choice and by my hand.  My work doesn’t feel like work.  It feels like expansion, play, creativity, and excitement.  Every day I awaken to blessings that I co-create with the Universe.

Becoming a healer and coach was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I am happy to share my journey with you because I want to inspire you to follow your heart and pursue your dream.

I will be running these sessions with a short introductory talk about an aspect of the Healer/Coach’s Lifestyle and then I will open the floor for questions about my perspective of the profession.  And if you ask me, I’ll give you ADVICE!  Ha!

If you cannot join the live session, you can register and be mailed the REPLAY.

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Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club
Oct 28 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

In order to join the club you must be a member of Badass Butterfly Training. Please, go to the membership page and choose your favorite membership level.

Welcome to the Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club.  I call this ‘Moonlight’ book club because my personal transformation follows the course of the Moon and I consider her to be my very own personal Spirit Guide (and yours, too, of course!)  The books we will read in the club are meant to inspire transformation and awakening at the level of our Soul so that we can thrive in the material world.

Each month, I choose an easy but powerful book for us to study as a collective. Participating is easy.

Step 1:  Sign up to register your participation. This will keep you in the loop and make sure you get updates. (You can do it after you register for Badass Butterfly Training program.)

Step 2:  Check out the Book Selection page to see what we are currently reading.

Step 3:  Join the Badass Butterfly Tribe Facebook community.  We’ll be sharing our progress through the reading and exercises in that group. Over the course of the month, we’ll work at our own individual paces, but we have our online Badass Butterfly community where we can share our progress for help and collaboration.

Step 4:  Get to work!  Read the book and do the exercises.  Share your progress in our Badass Butterfly Tribe community.  Tell your story, make some friends, and enjoy the camaraderie.

Step 5:  Join the LIVE discussion.  We’ll meet as a group once a month to discuss the book and the work we’ve done on it. You can access the LIVE meeting with video or by phone.  If you cannot attend the LIVE group meeting, don’t worry.  It will be recorded and available for you to watch on your own.  You can also submit your input and perspectives ahead of time if you want to have them included in the dialogue.

Again, don’t worry if you cannot attend LIVE meeting because you’ll be sent a replay so that you can watch later if you want.  Signing up for the Badass Butterfly Training will make sure you will always be sent the reading selection for each month.

To get the most out of the group, you should join my Badass Butterfly Tribe community on Facebook as we’ll be having discussions and sharing our progress there.  Your participation in the book club and Facebook community are totally free of charge— just come with a willingness to learn and share.

So join the Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club and check your email for updates.

In order to join the club you must be a member of Badass Butterfly Training. Please, go to the membership page and choose your favorite membership level.

Membership page!

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Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly: A Monthly Gathering to Connect to the Universe that Support Us
Nov 3 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Join me for this coaching and healing circle that prepares you for the month ahead.  During our gatherings, we contemplate the current month’s New and Full Moon cycles, the Sun, and any other energies that present to serve us on our Earth journey.  During this monthly LIVE group event, we work together to free ourselves from the small caterpillar mentality and bring out our inner Badass Butterfly. Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly will open your heart to creativity and inspiration while helping you tackle the tough emotional and mental challenges of your Shadow Self, thus smoothing the way for the emergence of your Highest Potential.

Facilitated by Crystal Lynn Bell. Held on the first Saturday of each month at 4pm Central European Summer Time. (Click the link to see the time in your area


During Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly, we work with the celestial energies including the New and Full Moon, to facilitate healing and overcome the issues that are stopping you from manifesting your most powerful life. The session begins with a meditation and then we discuss the energies coming forth in the current month.  You show up to the session with your desires, Shadows, and needs.  I will use my expert coaching techniques and my profound connection to Source Energy (highly developed Intuition) to bring you practical remedies that inspire you to achieve your desires while helping you heal your wounds, manage your emotions, improve and expand your perspective, and turn around any negative thinking.

My goal is to help you be a Badass Butterfly– a being who has experienced the limited (and perhaps somewhat painful) life of a caterpillar, but who has transformed into a butterfly and consciously embraces her Badass Butterfly nature with confidence and courage. The Badass Butterfly has been on a powerful journey of transformation and she has developed powerful wings that have become strong because she stays present in the face of challenge. Transformation is growth, expansion and CHANGE. The egoic self fears change. The egoic self does not let the butterfly wings develop fully because it is terrified of responsibility that comes along with power. The ego wants to be in control. It doesn’t like mystery and it fears what is unknown.

In our Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly, I give you practical tools to parent your ego, manage your emotions, stop your negative thinking, heal your emotional wounds and most importantly, to find those pesky, hidden, subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your growth. These sessions will help you feel better NOW by giving you back your power.

You can attend this meeting only if you are a Gentle Cocooning or higher member of Badass Butterfly Training. You must register officially in order to get the participation information delivered to your inbox. The sessions are held using Zoom, which can be quickly accessed through a simple link that allow video conferencing or you can call in by telephone. All the details will be emailed to you after you enroll.

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Heal Yourself!
Nov 10 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Let’s Learn to Heal Ourselves!

In this fun mini-workshop, we are going to learn how to heal ourselves using our hand and the power of our mind.

One of the most important things that everyone, especially folks who want to be healers and spiritual life coaches, must know how to do is heal themselves energetically. The power in our hands combined with the power of our mind and positive intention are the most valuable tools every human possesses. In this workshop, I am going to take you through a deeply moving and effective way to relieve pain, soothe rattled nerves, calm anxiety and raise your vibration.

This is a very special workshop and participation is limited. We will begin with a guided meditation and energetic clearing and the channeling of Mahatma energy, an electric blue and silver energy that connects us to our divine-self. This is a two-hour workshop and your investment is 25$. Every attendee gets a guided meditation mp3 download.

★ Live ONLINE event – at 4 pm CEST on 2nd Saturday of the month: October 13th, November 10th, December 8th!  Click the link to see the time in your area– 25$ attendance fee! ★

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Reiki Level I Certification
Nov 11 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
About the program

Become a Priestess of Unconditional Love.  Access your own power to heal and bring comfort to yourself and others!  Reiki is a healing modality that helps energy flow throughout the body to keep it healthy and promote healing and well being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  

I am holding certification for Reiki level I practitioner in November. It is a two days event (Convert the time for your area with Zagreb to choose the best time:)
How does one become a Priestess of Unconditional Love? Well, first of all, I have to get practical and use the appropriate term. My term is Reiki Priestess, but the common term in the spiritual community is Reiki Practitioner.  If you sign up for the program, you’ll receive an official certificate that lets the world know that you are a certified Reiki I Practitioner, but I’m going to train you like an ancient priestess. I believe in making the whole life a channel of Unconditional Love AND being a skillful and effective practitioner. It’s my aim, during the certification process to train you in both.
I made a video to tell you a little bit about Reiki and why it’s so powerful:

To become certified, you must receive what is called Reiki attunement. Attunement can only come from a Reiki Master. I am a Reiki Master from the Usui tradition, which basically means that I practice a certain style of Reiki and live my life according to some tenets of Unconditional Love (essentially, these tenets involve living in the present moment, developing trust and being slow to anger.) The attunement process is one where I attune you to Reiki and essentially give you the keys to the kingdom. Each Reiki Master has their own style of working with the energy and attuning their students. The attunement process is not just about learning principles and methods, but more about really opening up the heart and mind to allow you to feel the energy that is already there. Reiki is already inside you. Unconditional Love is already who you are. BUT your mind probably doesn’t recognize it. My job is to help your mind recognize the Unconditional Love that you are AND to then put it in action to bring healing and balance to the body and the world around you.

During the attunement process, I will be not only attuning you to Reiki, but I will be giving you the Reiki symbols and teaching you how to work with the energy. I will also be teaching you about some Spiritual Laws and Principles and as I wrote earlier, I will be introducing you to the high vibrational Reiki lifestyle of a Reiki Priestess. We’ll also do lots of practice. This will be a group workshop, so you’ll be working with other novices to help you feel and integrate the energy. This is going to be REALLY fun, informative, and enriching.
As a Reiki I Practitioner, you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself and on animals. You will also be able to super charge your prayers and blessings. If you desire to take Reiki to the next level and offer it to other people, I offer certifications for that, as well. But you must first start with yourself as a Reiki I Practitioner.

When do we start and how do you sign up? I am holding certification for Reiki level I practitioner in November. It is a two days event (Convert the time for your area with Zagreb to choose the best time:)

After registering, you’ll be emailed course materials as they are released. Sessions will be held LIVE on my website. As this is an intimate and specialized workshop, you’ll need access to webcam for the session. The details will be delivered to you upon your completed registration.
More Program Details

Program Date: (Convert the time for your area with Zagreb to choose the best time:)

  • Saturday and Sunday, November 17 and 18 22, 2017 at 4:00pm to 8:00pm CEST

Enroll now, and you’ll be automatically emailed the course materials and session access.

Prerequisites:  NONE.  This can be your very first step in your journey of healing.  No prior experience is necessary.

Program Pricing: $198 if you register before November 8th and $252 if you register after November 8th.

Program Leader: Crystal Lynn Bell

Location:! Enroll and then bookmark this page to return for access to course materials, lessons, assessments, meditations, practice and more!

Program Description:

Access your own power to heal and bring comfort to yourself and others!

Reiki helps energy flow throughout the body to keep it healthy and promote healing and well being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The word ‘Reiki’ is derived from two Japanese words: Rei, meaning ‘universal’ and Ki meaning ‘life force’ (the energy that animates all living things.)

Reiki is a blessing! We are pleased to offer an attunement and certification workshop which will set you on the path to healing yourself and others! At the end of this Reiki I Attunement and Certification class, each participant will have a basic understanding of Reiki and its purposes and receive his or her Reiki I certificate.

Upon registering, you will be given the written materials to prepare and guide you through the class. This will be a highly interactive workshop with a lot of warm, positive energy. The class is part of your first step in experiencing the amazing energy of Reiki and its lifelong source of fulfillment.

Here are just a few of the concepts you will learn:

  • Introduction: Origin and history of Reiki -Principles and benefits of Reiki application
  • Basic Reiki meditation: Getting Ready to give Reiki to yourself or others
  • The Reiki Priestess Lifestyle
  • Law of Attraction, Principle of Allowance
  • Chakras and Meridians
  • Hand positions for self healing
  • Reiki for pets
  • Working with ki and yoga breathing
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Reiki I Attunement
  • Reiki I Certificate for completion of the course
  • Preparation for Reiki II

The class fee is $198 if you register before November 8th and $252 if you register after. Also, you can reserve your space with a 50% deposit.  This class is being offered by Reiki Master and Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Crystal Lynn Bell. [/visitor] [student]


Namaste and welcome to the unconditionally loving space of the Reiki Priestesshood!  If you are seeing this message, then you are officially registered for Reiki Level I Attunement & Certification.  All the links you need are contained in the modules below.

Please bookmark this page so that you can easily reference it for materials, guidelines, downloads, et cetera.  Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to prepare for our course, which is scheduled for Sundays, November 11 and 18 at 4:00pm CEST.  Confirm the day and time in your area, please!

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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