New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 13, 2018: Connection! Connection! Get your Fresh, Hot Connection!

This is a special New Moon in Cancer because it eclipses the Sun by 20 degrees.  Eclipses add another level of depth to the Moon phase.  The Sun represents masculinity, reason, directness, and consciousness.  When the Moon eclipses it, the idea is that the feminine, raw, wild self is coming forth to deliver the culmination of past thoughts and behaviors.  Eclipses are a time of reckoning and they usually herald some kind of big shake up.  None of the subsequent fallout should be surprising, though.  You can see and feel it coming.  If you’ve been listening to the subtle murmurings of your body and your intuition, then you will.  If you feel a bit lost or clueless to these feelings, don’t worry.  Just be aware that something is there and start tuning in now.  Take one minute three or four times a day and just pause and stand still in the silence and see what arises into your consciousness.  Over the course of this Moon phase you just might feel the femininity, intuition, indirectness and the unconscious mind moving to the forefront.

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