New Moon in Scorpio November 18, 2017: Soul’s Purpose versus Ego’s Purpose

So right now, you may have a feeling of wanting what you want NOW.  You might feel yourself particularly hungry, even lusty for the pleasures of life.  I suggest that you go slowly and dive deep. It is easy right now to get thrown and mislead by your lusts.   Let yourself be plumbed to your depths.  That’s what Scorpio does.  You may be feeling yourself pulled between two different options.  You’re at a crossroads.  You may be finding yourself faced with a dilemma, torn between two lovers or two ways of being.  Either way, these two options originate within you since you are the Authority.  Do you act from the space of Mars (impulsive, egoic, quick gratification) or do you take the slow and deep route of Pluto? 

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