Day 4 of New Moon in Taurus 10 Day Self-Love Challenge

In this image we see Ceridwen, triple Moon Goddess.  She is an alchemist. For the New Moon Ritual, goddess Ceridwen comes forward to help us shed what no longer serves us. She knows how to transmute our pain into beauty and initiate us into the next phase of our development.

Welcome to Day 4 of the New Moon in Taurus 10 Day Self-Love challenge!  It's New Moon Day and I've put together a powerful meditation and activation for you to do on your own.  It is a special piece because it is channeled to give you a powerful clearing of each of your seven chakras (your individual energy centers.)  In addition to clearing, the meditation turns on each chakra so that it can do its functions at a high frequency.

In the session, when I was writing the meditation, the Celtic goddess Ceridwen made it very clear that she would be our guide for this activation and truly she has been present with me during every step of the way.  Last night, I did a live presentation to a beautiful group of women here in Zagreb.  There were nine of us altogether, and personally, I was so high after the session that I didn't fall asleep for hours.

I got up this morning and recorded the meditation and layered in some music.  I think you're going to like it.  It's long, but thorough.  Take your time with it and enjoy the process.

Below you'll find your objectives for the day, the action list, the ritual and meditation.

Day 4 Objectives:
  1. To strengthen the foundation of our Self-Love and our earthly manifestations by clearing and recharging our chakra system (our energetic system.)
  2. To open ourselves to the blessings of the New Moon in Taurus and connect with Goddess Ceridwen through the New Moon Ritual and Meditation.
  3. To revisit our goals, dreams and desires.
  4. To affirm our gifts by sharing.
Action List
New Moon Ritual

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