Day 6 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge


Welcome to Day 6 of the challenge!  For today, I'm putting your practice into your Divinity's hands by giving you a powerful tool of communication-- Tarot. Reading Tarot cards is an opportunity to have your Spirit Guides and your Higher Mind reflected back to you. Give yourself a simple Tarot reading by focusing on a question and then drawing a card from deck below.  I suggest having your journal handy so that you can write down any inspiration.

You'll find your objectives, today's inspiration, your action list and a link to a meditation that you can do to set yourself free of baggage.  Enjoy!

To do a reading, close your eyes and center your thoughts.  Hover your cursor over the deck of cards while you are thinking or intuiting a question.  When you feel inspired, click once on the deck and your card will be revealed.  

Day 6 Objectives:
  1. To enjoy communing with Spirit using Tarot.
  2. To gain a new perspective on ourselves and our current situation.
  3. To affirm what we have by giving and sharing.
Action List

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