Day 8 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge


Welcome to Day 8 of the challenge!  As you know by now, the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus and one of its many focuses is beauty.  Today, I want you to reflect on beauty, taste and style.  As you lay the foundations for your new level of love of self-- how you express yourself and dress yourself must certainly come into question.  I've uploaded a rather fun documentary that I watched and I want to share it with you to help challenge your concept of what is beautiful and in good taste and what is not.

You'll find your objectives for the day, your action list and the documentary will be under the Inspiration tab.  You'll find the Set Yourself Free meditation under the meditation tab, just in case you haven't had a chance to do it yet. I hope you enjoy it all.

Big hug,

Crystal Lynn

Day 8 Objectives:
  1. To explore our concept of beauty and style.
  2. To challenge how we see and express ourselves through our own personal style.
  3. To share ourselves and our light with the world around us in our own way.
Action List

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