Day 9 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge


Welcome to Day 9 of the challenge!  As we slide into the last two days of the challenge, I want to spend some time focusing on two really important energy centers-- the throat and the heart.  You cannot have a solid foundation with a closed heart and a voice that can't or won't express your truth.  We need to open up those energy centers and practice being authentic.  To do this, we will be practicing singing from our hearts.  In the Meditation tab, you will find a great exercise to help you connect your breath, your body and your emotions.  You can do this as your meditation today and follow that up with some journaling.  On the Inspiration tab you'll find a pretty song that you can sing to help you practice connecting your breath and voice.  Your objectives are below and your action list, as well.  Enjoy your day!

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn

Day 9 Objectives:
  1. To open our heart and throat chakras.
  2. To feel our presence in our body and to express it through our voice.
  3. To put our feelings into words with song.
  4. To affirm ourselves by giving of our selves through voice and words.
  5. To speak from the heart.
Action List

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