Emotional Wellness Happy Hour: Emotional Strength and Manifesting Romance

February 13, 2018 @ 1:30 am – 3:30 am Europe/Zagreb Timezone
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$25 USD
Crystal Lynn Bell
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This is my twice monthly LIVE group coaching and healing circle where we work together to free you from the small caterpillar mentality and transform into the Badass Butterfly.  

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What:  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour:  Achieving Spiritual Badassery in 2018

When: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 6:30pm CST (Check the start time in your zone.)

Why:  Because it's time to THRIVE.

Investment:  $25 USD

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Emotional Wellness Happy Hour meets twice a month to tackle the tough emotional and mental challenges of our Shadow Self.  The Shadow Self is the un-evolved aspect of our ego.  The Shadow is the collection of negative and limiting beliefs that sabotage our happiness and inhibit our growth.  A lack of trust, fear, anxiety, self doubt, negative self talk, low self-esteem, repressed anger, unresolved emotional wounding, low self-esteem, a lack of self-love, envy, bitterness, and feelings of lack are all part of the darkness that forms the Shadow Self.  These feelings are a normal part of the human experience, but it is our Divine right to expand and grow beyond these limitations.  We are Spirit having a human experience and the more deeply connected to our Divinity, the more we can trust and thus take risks for our heart's desires.  This means we can boldly pursue a greater life for ourselves and envision a more unified, loving world that thrives in peace... and we are active members of the world community, contributing our Light, Love and Creativity.

During Emotional Wellness Happy Hour, you show up with your 'problems' and I use my expert coaching techniques and my profound connection to Source Energy (highly developed Intuition) to bring you practical solutions that you can use to heal your wounds, manage your emotions, improve and expand your perspective, and turn around your negative thinking. My goal is to help you be a Badass Butterfly-- a being who has experienced the painful life of a caterpillar, but who consciously embraces transformation with confidence and courage.  She has beautiful wings that have become strong because she stayed present during her transformation.  Transformation is growth, expansion and CHANGE.  The egoic self fears change.  The egoic self does not let our butterfly wings develop fully because it is terrified of responsibility that comes along with power.  The ego wants to be in control.  It doesn't like mystery and it fears what is unknown. Part of my work as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach is to help you release your attachment to your ego's fears and to embrace the mystery of transformation.  I hold your hand, but more importantly, I teach you to hold your own hand.  I teach you (actually 'remind' you... you knew how to do this when you were an innocent itty bitty child and had no ego) how to feel connected to Source, to your Spirit Guides, to your Higher Self and I teach you how to surrender into the arms of Trust.  Look, I know this sounds a bit airy-fairy, so I also give you practical tools to manage your emotions, stop your negative thinking, heal your emotional wounds and most importantly, to find those pesky, hidden, subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your growth.  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour will make you feel better NOW by giving you back your power.

To participate in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour, you have to sign up and then complete a short questionnaire.  It is best if you can attend the meeting live so that we can communicate face-to-face, but if you cannot attend live, you can submit your 'problem' to me ahead of time and I will address it thoroughly during the live session.  All participants will be emailed a link to watch the replay.

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You are a Badass Butterfly...

I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach who believes that the keys to living a happy, successful life lie in a deep relationship with your Higher Self and fluid communication between Spirit, mind and body.  I always start with the premise that we are all Divine Beings of God/Goddess/Source of All having a human experience.  We can find the deep healing we need to transform our lives by practically working through our human 'problems' while we cultivate a deep intimacy with our Divinity.

If you've been following my blog, then you'll know that I spent all of 2017 pushing you into Authority. I've been urging you to take a strong stance inside yourself against fear and negative thinking.  I've been giving you guidance to stand up for your Heart's desires and to confront your ego's limiting beliefs.  I made the analogy that you used to be a cute little cuddly caterpillar that saw everything from the perspective of the forest floor.  In 2017, you were called to change into something more powerful, more beautiful and more expansive.  You were called into Authority.  2017 was the cocooning period for the caterpillar.  It was the time when you delved deep into exploring what it meant to be a powerful Authority in your own life.  In 2017 you took risks and you stood up for what you believed in.  Sometimes you got smacked down, but you did not waver in your faith.  You kept going and you took on more challenges.  You spent 2017 becoming emotionally strong and you started getting clear about what you want.  You were in the Cocoon of Transformation and you were developing butterfly wings.  And now, it is 2018 and it is time to break free of the cocoon.  I have been listening to my readers intently and they are emotionally ready to break free, but they don't know how to do it.  In this session of Emotional Wellness Happy Hour, we are going to talk about what it means to be a Spiritual Badass in 2018.  We are going to look at what we need to do spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically to really own our Badass Butterfly nature in 2018.

You are invited to participate in this discussion and to bring your questions and your caterpillar baggage.  What is a Spiritual Badass?  What are the tools the Spiritual Badass uses to manage her life and maintain her THRIVE?  What parts of yourself are resistant to your Divine Badassery?  What parts of yourself are still stuck in caterpillar mode?  What limiting beliefs and thoughts are keeping you stuck in bad relationships, a sucky job, poor health, overweight, single, or unemployed?  What behaviors do you keep doing that are sabotaging your success?  What emotional wounding is keeping your magnificence from shining brightly?  What negative thoughts are imprisoning your heart and stifling your creativity?  Which of your chakras are blocked and how can you get them flowing?  Where are there 'leaks' and 'drains' in your aura or energy system?  These are just a few of the questions that we will discuss during this session.  It is up to you to join the circle and bring your own personal needs and desires.  Where do you need clarity?  Where are you stuck?  Where do you find yourself hitting the same old walls?  This is your time to sit with a professional coach to get deep help for the problems that plague you.

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