New Moon Guidance for the Badass Butterfly

December 24, 2019 @ 5:00 am



Where: The New Moon Livestream Page
When: The day before each New Moon at 5am PST.  Check the calendar for exact dates.
Benefit: Use the New Moon to manifest your heart’s true desires


The New Moon (creative feminine energy) and Sun (action-taking masculine energy) come together in the same zodiac sign approximately every 28 days. Their union in that sign opens up a creative portal that leads to powerful manifestation in a particular area of life. In this monthly livestream, I will be giving you helpful insights to the New Moon and Sun union so that you can take advantage of the energies and make the most of the opportunity that is being offered.

Each month at the New Moon and Sun union, we are all given an opportunity to shape the Universe into our heart’s greatest desires!

To participate in the livestream, all you have to do is show up. If you cannot attend live, then you can join my mailing list and have the replay delivered to your inbox so you can watch in your own time. Also, if you join the mailing list, you will receive my New Moon Ritual and Worksheet which you can use each month to guide your manifestation work. Each New Moon builds on the previous ones. So by doing this work each month, you will be able to clearly see that your life has a sense of moving forward as you grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and materially over the course of the year.

During the livestream, I will be channeling the best way to work with the New Moon and Sun as they move through the zodiac signs. I will also be doing readings for members of my list and folks who are watching live.

The event is held the day before each New Moon at 5pm PST.  Check out the event calendar for the exact dates because each month the New Moon changes.  And please join my mailing list below ↓ to download the New Moon Ritual and Worksheet and get reminders for each event delivered right to your inbox.

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