I Am A Narcissist, Part 1

I know why I get involved with dark, manipulative types. Because I AM A DARK, MANIPULATIVE TYPE. I can keep looking at men with distrust but I’ve gotta realize that I’m the one who’s not trustworthy. I’ve been projecting my own bullshit onto men. I’m not saying that my projections haven’t been accurate to a degree, but that doesn’t change the fact that for every finger I point, I’ve got three pointing back at me.

Thank God that the Sun is in Cancer showing me all those pesky Shadows that have been keeping me in prison. I’m fighting for freedom every damned day, and you know what? It’s a good fight and I’m fucking winning… even if it means the weeping and gnashing of teeth. So be it. I’m getting free and that’s what counts. #prisonbreak #imanarcissist

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