My First Flamenco Show in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

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I just love the small city of Jerez de la Frontera.  Not at all touristy, they say that it is the home of Flamenco song and sherry.  I took myself out to experience a show in a small taberna (tavern,) not far from the house in which I was staying. The taberna was called Tabanco El Pasaje.  I walked through the winding, cobble-stoned streets and found myself enchanted by the magic of the experience.  Salty tapas paired with delicious sherry will make me always remember Jerez as a precious jewel of travel off-the-beaten path.  La guitarra de Agustin de la Fuente acompagna El Findu. Guitarist Agustin de la Fuente accompanied singer, El Findu.  Such a cool experience. I made a reservation for una persona and they sat me right in front of the stage at a little table that was like a desk. As self-conscious as I was, I was as determined to let it go and sink into the moment… which I did easily after the first half glass of sherry. I was in heaven for two straight hours.  All I asked for was a simple life. A life of simple pleasures– wine, music, romance. I have all of that.  I hope you enjoy this video!

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Website for Tabanco El Pasaje
Facebook for El Findu
Facebook for Agustin de la Fuente

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