This Week’s Spiritual Guidance: Divine Feminine Badassery in 2018

This is the year when our feeling nature, our creativity, our tender-hearted and unconditionally loving nature expresses itself most profoundly.  This is the year of the Divine Feminine, the Mother within.  2018 is a ‘2’ year– the year of the Moon.  The Moon represents our Shadow side, and you can be SURE that there will be plenty of opportunity to confront this in 2018.  But the Moon also represents our gentle and nurturing side.  Hahahaha!  We have to remember that there are two sides to the Moon and there are many, many phases.  The Moon changes astrological signs every two days. This year, our moods and feelings will be as varied as the phases of the Moon.  But don’t let this scare you, Beloved.  Don’t back away from the opportunity that your ego sees as an ‘obstacle’ or even as a ‘challenge.’  Instead, know that your various moods and feelings are stepping stones in your evolution.  Your job during this time is to practice riding the waves of change like an expert surfer.  I don’t surf, but I think it’s clear that a surfer doesn’t resist the wave, but rather rides it with obvious joy.  The surfer’s core is strong and they are in a state of flowing and allowing.  Your job during this lunar year is to also go with the flow.  In order to do this, YOU MUST KEEP YOURSELF ANCHORED IN TRUST

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