Travel Memories– Healing an Affliction in Ubud, Bali

Crystal Lynn and Healer in Bali

Living spiritcentrically is not as easy as I thought. You gotta be present all the time– listening and breathing. But when you open up to it, you get lead up magical paths…

I went to see four healers about the uterine fibroids I have been carrying around these last 20 years. After each session, the fibroids have shrunk and my energy level has increased significantly. The first healer taught me how to pray and appreciate the power of the vibrations all things carry. The second healer taught me to dance with Chi. The third healer helped to open the door to for the darkness to leave and the light to enter. The fourth healer pulled out the darkness and helped me integrate the light. I came to Bali with a belly that was distended to 40 whole inches. Now, my belly is at 32 inches. The last healer gave me the most remarkable result with shrinkage of over five inches in just 2 hours. There is still an area of masses, but my belly is soft and flabby. I no longer look seven months pregnant and my goodness, I feel strong. Most importantly. I’m not going to need the hysterectomy that my doctor insisted I have.

This picture is of the third healer… He uses a blunt knife to engage the shadow energy.

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