Russian Dolls and Finding the Truth with Mooji


Mooji talks about being the observer and the different levels of perception.  He uses this idea of Russian dolls where the dolls represent the different aspects of a person.  The outermost doll is the one who is seen by the world in physical form and this aspect of self has the perspective of what she sees with her eyes.  She is most distant from the core, intuition.  As you move closer and closer to the doll at the center, there is a deeper perception that is reached because each inner layer has the benefit of seeing behind what the doll outside of it sees; so it has it’s own level of understanding plus those outside.  When you get to the heart of the being, this aspect has the benefit of knowing what all the other shells know plus the added benefit of being fully connected to Source.  It’s an interesting approach to the multidimensional being.  I need to do more exploration of this analogy, though.




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