Travel Memories: Accepting My Fairy Nature in Bali, Indonesia

I got a call the other day from the Fairy Queen. She said, “Look, child. You’re going to have to accept those aspects of yourself that are most like us, for you are one of us. You’ve always wanted to be of the Air. Well, you are. We will send you messengers who will dance with you when you are lonely, guard you when you are sleeping, and lead you home when you are ready. You will recognize us because of the mirror we hold to you.” I knew that The Wasps were of the fairy folk and I have looked upon them with reverence since I was a child. Lovingly, they fly near me, observing me. Two have set up nests in my room– beautiful architectural designs of chewed paper, soil and enzyme.
One of the large red wasps came to visit today. He was so kind in that he sat far enough away that I could observe his loveliness and still feel safe. I did what is definitely one of my favorite drawings of him right on the spot!
I know that there is much significance in his arrival. I know that I AM (Goddess) is trying to get me to relax and lighten up. The Fairy’s visit helps me a lot. The butterflies help, too. As do the ants and the flies.

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