Travel Memories: Loving Kindness in Bali

Gosh. Imagine that you’re walking through the jungle, singing a happy tune, looking for butterflies, snakes and giant water lizards in the river. And out of the green comes a lovely Balinese woman with a basket on her head and a knife in one hand. She smiles sweetly and asks where you are from. You say in your best California accent, “California!” And she replies with a smile and then takes the basket from her head and offers you a yummy sweet banana. You smile and with your best Balinese accent say, “Souksomah!” The Balinese lady grins from ear to ear and proceeds to tell you how beautiful you are and that she loves your teeny weeny afro. You grin back and with hands in prayer at your heart thank God that the world in which you live is full of loving kindness.

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